hello! i wanted to ask, i wonder if you can help, what are the things to do and steps to follow when you want to publish a comic for the very first time. i more or less finished writing a scenario and started thinking on how to put it on paper and draw it etc. and i don’t know how far i must go and do it before i can present it to some publishing company. do i have to complete it entirely and finish it, or just the rough/draft of it is enough? if you have any advices i’d gladly hear it!! thanks!


yeah sure, here’s some little advice i learn.

When you want to propose a project, imagine that you show to the publisher a trailer of your work. By trailer i mean you have to charm the publisher quickly.

Basically you need :

-The pitch: i a few line (5 to 10) you have to resume your story in the main line, by showing how it’s a good story and to let some mysteries to create some interest.
this part is very important, you have to catch the intention very quickly ( the trailer effect thing that i talked before).

-5 Pages finalised: it have to be finished, colour, bubble and text. It have to show what the reader will see in the book. My advice is to take a nice scene of your story (I doesn’t need to be le first scene), you have to show your drawing skill.

Aaaand that’s it.

Sure you can add some fews rough more, or a script.
But i worked at a publisher, and you have to imagine that someday they received, 20, 30 maybe more project.
They can’t read every script, or a files of 40 pages. A good project proposition is short and impacting.

Hope it will you, if you want more informations don’t hesitate to ask.


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